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Weight marking system 

Weight marking system for manual handling of goods and packages.

The weight marking system has been produced so that all who handle goods and packages have a simple way of getting information on weights and risks. Weight marking has been used in Sweden for the past 4 years and has proven itself to be very effective. It has been commented that the symbol on some packages is too small. The size of the symbols should preferably be at least 30 mm (min 20 mm) to fulfil the requirements of good visibility, including when light conditions are low. The recommended label size is 100x100 mm.

The purpose of the weight marking system is to:

  • reduce the risk of injury and especially back injury
  • fulfil legislative requirements regarding information on weight/risks in accordance with EU directives and regulatory ations of the Swedish Work Environment Authority that apply to all companies that manufacture, deliver, transport and manually handle loads (packages and goods) in the distribution chain
  • have a unitary, easily understood and unique marking
  • produce a marking system that is adapted to computerized label marking (transport label) and can be easily adapted to internal company labels

Requirements and responsibility
In order for packages to be handled safely, the industry players have agreed that all packages in Sweden are to be marked with the new symbols. Requirements are based on regulations from the EU and the Swedish Work Environment Authority for the protection of the health and safety of workers. They also fulfil the governmental requirements for safe handling in the industry.

NOTE: All packages must be marked with a weight symbol.

The marking responsibility lies with the importer, goods dispatcher, consignor, manufacturer and supplier.

What should be done to fulfil these requirements? – Various alternatives

  • Add the symbol to the sales package from the start
  • Buy standardized labels and attach them to the packages. Labels can be ordered from TYA
  • Download the symbol below and make your own labels
  • Upgrade the computer labelling program so that the symbol are printed on the transport label

Symbol 1

eps-format (zipped)

Symbol 2

eps-format (zipped)

Symbol 3

eps-format (zipped)

More information

EU Council Directive

Council directive (90/269/EEC) of 29 May 1990 on the minimum health and safety requirements for the manual handling of loads where there is a risk particularly of back injury to workers (fourth individual Directive within the scope of Article 16.1 of Directive (89/391/EEC)

Swedish Work Environment Authority regulations:
AFS 1998:1 Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders
AFS 2000:1 Manuell hantering (Manual Handling)
For further information, click the link to your right.

Standardised labels
Labels with symbols 1-3, as above, can be ordered from TYA. The labels comes in two sizes, 100x100 mm and 35x35 mm. Each unit (roll) contains 1.000 labels.

Symbol 1: Less than 15 kg
32 059-E    100x100 mm    SEK 175/unit
32 062-E    35x35 mm       SEK 120/unit

Symbol 2: 15 to 25 kg
32 060-E    100x100 mm    SEK 175/unit
32 063-E    35x35 mm       SEK 120/unit

Symbol 3: More than 25 kg
32 061-E    100x100 mm    SEK 175/unit
32 064-E    35x35 mm       SEK 120/unit

The prices are net and freight costs will be added.

Where should questions be directed?

Ask your transporter or contact TYA, Håkan Hammarström

Swedish Work Environment Authority regulations: