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TYA - the Vocational Training and Working Environment Council (Transport Trades) - is a non-profit association established by the labour market parties within the transport sector in Sweden.

The nature of our activities is broad, however some branches of the transport sector are not covered. Thus, shipping as well as railroad and air transports are excluded due to the dividing lines between different labour unions.

TYA is owned by eight employers´ associations and five white and blue-collar unions. The activities are financed by a membership fee, which is paid by all employers covered by the relevant agreements within the trades. The fee is 0,20% of the total sum of salaries paid and the total number of employees embraced by the agreements is about 100 000. The annual turnover of TYA is approximately 80 millions SEK (» 9 million EUR) and the number of staff amounts to 30 permanently employed.

We focus on several various areas and TYA wants to:

  • improve the status of the transport industry
  • develop and produce training tools of all kinds, e.g. CBT products, distance learning tools, books and various instruction manuals
  • carry out vocational training and working environment education. Annually, we arrange some 60 courses in different subjects relevant for the transport trades
  • create and maintain a dialogue with national and regional authorities as well as other stake holders
  • consider the views held by our principals to follow, report on and take action
  • improve the working environment conditions
  • engage in recruitment activities aimed at making skilled staff seek job opportunities within the transport sector.

As regards to vocational training, we work together with a great number of independent instructors. Our material is widely spread within the transport branch in Sweden and is also offered to parties that have a genuine interest in our findings.